Bread-free tuna sandwich

No-bread tuna sandwich1 Just in time for spring – a great little tuna sandwich without the bread! Take your favorite kind of apple, rinse well, and make a series of thin slices – directly through the core. The seeds pop out and leave a beautiful star pattern.

Pack St Jude tuna salad between two slices. For our tuna salad, we mixed one can of original St Jude with about a half  teaspoon of mayonnaise. Mash well.

The bread-free sandwich makes a great lunch or appetizer, especially if you slice the sandwiches into halves or quarters.

Let us know your thoughts about other alternatives to bread for your next tuna sandwich!

Photo courtesy of D. Olsen




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1 Response to Bread-free tuna sandwich

  1. RE says:

    how about a tomato? or perhaps mango?

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