Why St. Jude Tuna is the Best!!!

We naturally select for young, low mercury, fatty, sustainable tuna off of the coast of Washington State.   It is wild caught for all those that might not know that.   We naturally select for this special tuna because we are trolling.  Most of the tuna in the grocery store is long-line caught which is not sustainable, high mercury and there is lots and lots of by-catch.  We are on the Seafood Watch Card put out by Monterey Bay Aquarium as best choice for sustainability.  We are MSC certified.  Marine Stewardship Council.  We get our special albacore canned in Bellingham WA.  We have been using the same cannery for 12 years.  The cans we use are BPA free.  The albacore is cooked in the can in its own juices so it traps the flavor and nutrition of the omega-3 oil.


Thank you for looking at our tuna!!!!!  Joyce on the St. Judejoyce at redmond

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