Eat Sushi That Has Been Properly Handled

Raw Tuna has sickened 53 people in California. This would make me afraid to eat any form of raw fish. I love sushi.
If the fish is properly handled than it will not make you sick.
If you read the article it goes on to explain that the sickness was when people ate “spicy tuna rolls” This means that someone is disguising rotting old fish with pepper and mayonnaise intentionally hiding the inferior tuna.
A big company in California that distributes to sushi restaurants bought a cheap low quality lot of tuna and made people sick.
Bad. St Jude Tuna is frozen immediately upon capture at -30.

Joe goes on to say:

In the late 80s I delivered “fresh” albacore to a buyer in Oregon. I was an experienced ice boat fisherman I had salmon trolled, halibut fished and black cod fished in Alaska for many years. I delivered in ten days from my first catch and I was told by the buyer that my fish was so well iced I could have stayed out 3-4 more days!
Just think for a minute about a fish iced for two weeks on the boat, then put the fish into the distribution scheme, buyer to wholesaler to distributor to store to consumers refrigerator to table, how many days would this add to the age of your fish?
If you find this math disconcerting, I completely agree, fundamentally this is why St. Jude tuna is flash frozen immediately upon capture, frozen pre- rigor or as I see it frozen before the fish knows it is dead.

Sushi Grade Albacore by St. Jude Tuna

Sushi Grade Albacore by St. Jude Tuna

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