Be Wary of Blue Harbor Fish Co.

It is getting harder and harder to stand out of the tuna crowd with good quality troll caught albacore tuna.  Starkist has come along with a new brand that looks like it is nestled in the cute little harbor of Garibaldi Oregon.  It is a big farce.  These tuna are from Chinese and Fijian Longliners. They say that is is MSC certified, but I do not see any documentation on how this fishery could be possibly sustainable when there is so much by- catch in longlining for albacore tuna.  Longlining for albacore is not sustainable.   Blue Harbor says their albacore is sustainable because the MSC has certified them.

Blue Harbor Fish company owned by Starkist  Text Summary Below by

International Biosecurity Intelligence System

“The port used in the marketing for Starkist’s new boutique US brand, which uses albacore caught by Chinese and Fijian longliners and is on sale in Walmart, is in Oregon, according to multiple sources in the tuna business.

According to sources in the US tuna sector, the photo on the website of the Blue Harbor Seafood Co., the new Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-endorsed, boutique brand from Starkist, is of Garibaldi, Oregon. The port authority did not respond to a request for comment from Undercurrent News, however.

Dongwon Industries-owned Starkist, which eventually confirmed its ownership of the brand after request for comment from Undercurrent, did not respond to clarification on why an Oregon port and US fishing vessels are being used to market a brand using albacore caught by foreign longliners.

A spokeswoman for Walmart declined to comment on the use of American imagery on the brand’s website.

The MSC, which is described as being a “partner” of Blue Harbor on the website using the image of Garibaldi, said the responsibility of marketing is with the company itself.”

Please follow Monterey Seafood Watch Card











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