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Tuna Chaffle Sandwich

 I am forced to change my eating habits.  After my life long love affair with sugar, I am looking for some low carb satisfying meals.  I have recently discovered chaffles, which are described as a cheese, egg waffle.  This recipe … Continue reading

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Bread-free tuna sandwich

Just in time for spring – a great little tuna sandwich without the bread! Take your favorite kind of apple, rinse well, and make a series of thin slices – directly through the core. The seeds pop out and leave … Continue reading

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The best!

Customers at farmers markets are already in on the secret – that “sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish isn’t at a high-end seafood restaurant, but a farmers market.” Nevin Martell,  writing for The Washington Post, points out that  Chef Henry Brandon Williams of Fish … Continue reading

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Pickles come with controversy. Diners tend to have strong feelings about tunafish salad sandwiches, especially whether to add pickles and relish – or not. One good friend of ours, Rory Olsen, loved tunafish salad. It was the only sandwich she … Continue reading

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MEDITERRANEAN TUNA SANDWICH:   (Woman Future Benefit)    6 oz. can of St. Judes Mediterranean canned tuna,  Whole Wheat pita or tortilla, Kalamatra olives,  Red Onion,  Garlic-herb feta cheese, Mayonnaise , Arugula Slightly warm your pita or tortilla, then spread a … Continue reading

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Turkey and tuna

This is the weekend for our favorite sandwich!  Mouthwatering …

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A tuna sandwich doesn’t need mayonnaise. Between the Bread offers a mouth-watering example with its Tuna, Fennel and Lemon ‘Wich. Nancy Einhart describes the sandwich as “magnificently complex and innovative.” She started with a sandwich from the cookbook Wichcraft: Turn … Continue reading

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Sensational sandwich

New York Magazine offers a recipe for Andrew Carmellini’s Tuna Kuroyaki Sandwich – and yes, it’s sensational. The sandwich combines a yuzu dressing, tobiko mayo, blackened albacore, fresh vegetables and soft rolls. And if in New York, you try the … Continue reading

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Tuna zing

Albacore tuna is tasty on its own. Hungry and ready for a tuna-fish sandwich, we forget just how much tuna can withstand spice. Good Morning America offered a Tuna Melt with Flair, including horseradish, cumin and other spices. Vary the … Continue reading

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“Tuna’s one of those uber-versatile ingredients that can go in a million different directions depending on what you pair it with,” explains Kimberly Morales of Poor Girl Eats Well, as described by Megan Bedard for Morales offers a yummy … Continue reading

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