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Bread-free tuna sandwich

Just in time for spring – a great little tuna sandwich without the bread! Take your favorite kind of apple, rinse well, and make a series of thin slices – directly through the core. The seeds pop out and leave … Continue reading

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The best!

Customers at farmers markets are already in on the secret – that “sustainably sourced, wild-caught fish isn’t at a high-end seafood restaurant, but a farmers market.” Nevin Martell,  writing for The Washington Post, points out that  Chef Henry Brandon Williams of Fish … Continue reading

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Pickles come with controversy. Diners tend to have strong feelings about tunafish salad sandwiches, especially whether to add pickles and relish – or not. One good friend of ours, Rory Olsen, loved tunafish salad. It was the only sandwich she … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Tuna Wrap

MEDITERRANEAN TUNA SANDWICH:   (Woman Future Benefit)    6 oz. can of St. Judes Mediterranean canned tuna,  Whole Wheat pita or tortilla, Kalamatra olives,  Red Onion,  Garlic-herb feta cheese, Mayonnaise , Arugula Slightly warm your pita or tortilla, then spread a … Continue reading

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Turkey and tuna

This is the weekend for our favorite sandwich!  Mouthwatering …

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A tuna sandwich doesn’t need mayonnaise. Between the Bread offers a mouth-watering example with its Tuna, Fennel and Lemon ‘Wich. Nancy Einhart describes the sandwich as “magnificently complex and innovative.” She started with a sandwich from the cookbook Wichcraft: Turn … Continue reading

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Sensational sandwich

New York Magazine offers a recipe for Andrew Carmellini’s Tuna Kuroyaki Sandwich – and yes, it’s sensational. The sandwich combines a yuzu dressing, tobiko mayo, blackened albacore, fresh vegetables and soft rolls. And if in New York, you try the … Continue reading

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Tuna zing

Albacore tuna is tasty on its own. Hungry and ready for a tuna-fish sandwich, we forget just how much tuna can withstand spice. Good Morning America offered a Tuna Melt with Flair, including horseradish, cumin and other spices. Vary the … Continue reading

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“Tuna’s one of those uber-versatile ingredients that can go in a million different directions depending on what you pair it with,” explains Kimberly Morales of Poor Girl Eats Well, as described by Megan Bedard for Morales offers a yummy … Continue reading

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More than interesting

Damaris Santis-Palmer hasn’t tasted St Jude tuna. She writes for the Santa Cruz Sentinel that “Canned tuna is interesting” and then suggests that “a bite of plain canned tuna” is “similar to biting into an unripe persimmon.” No, she couldn’t … Continue reading

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