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Ultimate health

Summer is just around the corner … and dandelions are popping up in the lawn. Make use of them in this Dandelion Tuna Salad, from the HealthHappyCoach.com. The ingredients include dandelion greens, Pink Lady apple, wild tuna, goat cheese, salt … Continue reading

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Tuna history

Trolling as a fishing method – unlike purse seining, trawling or other fisheries  relying on nets –  targets only select species and thus minimizes any bycatch. More than a century ago, sardines were far more popular than tuna – and … Continue reading

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All tuna are not equal. The Environmental Defense Fund – which partners with businesses, governments, and communities to find practical environmental solutions –  offers advice on what kind of tuna to purchase and put on your plate: Albacore, bigeye, yellowfin … Continue reading

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Tuna tops?

“[C]onsumption of canned tuna accounts for more Americans eating tuna than anyother type of fish,” reports The World’s Healthiest Foods and the George Mateljan Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that promotes healthy eating and a healthy environment.  And the foundation highly … Continue reading

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More consumers expect sustainability from their products and consumer pressure is influencing tuna markets in Australia, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. A new Canned Tuna Guide scores brands on methods used for catching tuna, sustainability, labeling and support for marine … Continue reading

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Monterey Bay Aquarium Seawatch continues to monitor the seas and stores for sustainable fishing practices, reports Dave Nordstrand for TheCalifornian.com. And tuna is the second most popular seafood item in the US just behind shrimp, reports the aquarium. Nordstrand shares … Continue reading

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Cooking demonstration

Chef Seth Caswell of Emmer&Rye in North Seattle will be at the Bellevue Farmers Market today, demonstrating how to cook a tuna loin from the FV St Jude, inspected by Captain Joe Malley. Emmer&Rye is renown for its seasonally inspired, … Continue reading

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Scientific research supports sustainability, so that future generations can enjoy fresh seafood. “The mission of the Tuna Research and Conservation Center is to promote cooperative ventures that educate the public about the conservation and biology of tunas. Research efforts at … Continue reading

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