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MEDITERRANEAN TUNA SANDWICH:   (Woman Future Benefit)    6 oz. can of St. Judes Mediterranean canned tuna,  Whole Wheat pita or tortilla, Kalamatra olives,  Red Onion,  Garlic-herb feta cheese, Mayonnaise , Arugula Slightly warm your pita or tortilla, then spread a … Continue reading

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St. Jude Tuna at the Seattle Art Museum

“TASTE at SAM just opened up an outdoor café. If you haven’t seen it already, it is located right at TASTE’s windows between University and Union along First Ave.”    We had an excellent experience with the kids trying new foods in this … Continue reading

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Golden Beetle

   Golden Beetle:  a warm welcoming ambience, effusively friendly staff and a rich aroma of vibrant flavors and spice.   An atmosphere of a Turkish market day in Ballard. Among the mezze, Joe and I loved the Muhammara Dip:  walnut, pomegranate molasses, … Continue reading

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Tuna lovers

In Seattle,  make Valentine’s Day special… the Copperleaf Restaurant at Cedarbrook Lodge is offering a thoughtfully-crafted five-course pre-fixe menu, with choice of entrees, for $75 per person.  It includes a champagne toast!!! The entree:  Grilled “St. Jude” Albacore with sunchokes, pine … Continue reading

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Chiquita means banana

And St. Jude means albacore. For restaurants and (their suppliers), the name’s the thing, suggests Crosscut.com Seattle writer Ronald Holden blogs at Cornichon.org: “Our Puget Sound locavore movement is beginning to catch on. Take, for example, a 95-foot tuna boat … Continue reading

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Food of champions

Supermodel Gregg Avedon blogs:    “Recently I was fortunate enough to come across a small family owned company that pole-catches tuna aboard their 95-foot fishing vessel called the St. Jude. Once caught, the fish are immediately blast frozen to ensure optimum freshness. … Continue reading

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Last Day for St. Jude Tuna at Bellevue Farmers Market

Today is the last day of the Bellevue Farmers Market on Thursdays.  http://www.bellevuefarmersmarket.org/ 1707 Bellevue Way         3-7pm The St. Jude will be seling their tuna there today!

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St. Jude Albacore

Come see us at the Ballard Farmers Market today.  Ballard is the traditional base for commercial fishermen in all of the Pacific Northwest.  The St. Jude started selling their albacore here off of the West Wall  at Fisherman’s Terminal in … Continue reading

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Beat the stress

Men’s Health offers an article on “7 Best Stress-Fighting Foods.”  And writer David Zinczenko mentions tuna because tuna is a great source for the sleep-promoting amino acidd called tryptophan. Other foods mentioned include papaya, peppermint tea, pumpkin seeds, avocados, salmon, … Continue reading

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F/V St. Jude landing

The St. Jude has just offloaded a trip of high quality sashimi grade albacore in British Columbia at Harbour Marine.   Joe just returned last night with  a few photos of The St. Jude offload.  The crew  did a good job.  The … Continue reading

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